Welcome to Anglican Diocese of Rorya.

Anglican Diocese of Rorya is a new Diocese inaugurated on June 27,2010. the Diocese was formed/ curved out of Diocese of Mara as a result of rapid growth of Anglican church in Mara region, Tanzania, East Africa. The first Bishop, the Rt. Rev John Adiema was consecrated and enthroned on the same day. The Diocese is a rural Diocese is in a remote area called Rorya. The District also is new, formed by the government of Tanzania in 2007. The District borders the republic of Kenya to the North and Tarime district to the East .It borders lake Victoria to the West and Musoma rural district to the South and South West. Rorya district lies between latitudes 10 0’ and 10 45’South of the equator and longitudes30030’ and 3500East of Greenwich.

 Our major work as a new Diocese
Transforming Leadership and community-Act of the apostle 11:19 – 30, 13:1-4.
Act of the apostles 11:19 -30 and 13:1-4 is our biblical reference because of the context in which the early church was emerging from: “The book purports to give an outline of the history of the church from its earliest days in Jerusalem to the arrival of its greatest hero “Paul” in the chief city of Roman empire. The book gives a picture of the life and preaching of the primitive Jerusalem community and traces the movement of the gospel from Jerusalem via Samaria and Antioch to the Asia Minor, the Greece and finally Italy. Acts purports a number of sermons by Peter, Stephen and Paul that provide the data for the faith of the early church…” (Ladd Pg 341)

The work of preaching the gospel and planting of churches in Rorya can be compared with that of the early church particularly primitive Jerusalem community, Antioch, Asia minor atc. The Diocese of Rorya situated in a rural and remote area of the country is young, only three years old. The name Rorya is derived from the name of a mountain called Rorya which is situated almost at the heart of the district called “Mount Rorya.” Rorya is also a district among many district in Tanzania It is a new district formed in 2007. The population is poor, living below poverty level i.e. US.500 a year. Rorya District is not different from many districts in Tanzania and Africa where poverty, disease, Ignorance and hunger is rampant.

Bearing all this in mind and in accordance with the church`s Mission which is twofold i.e. preaching of the gospel message so that people should know Jesus Christ and turn to him and caring for human physical body,our major theme in bringing all this to a reality is: TRANFORMING LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNITY. It is aiming at fulfilling a holistic ministry by training church ministers who will provide good Christian leadership and deliver well prepared, interpreted and communicated gospel message to the audience and by using participatory method, initiate with communities socio economic development activities so as to alleviate poverty.



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